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Coffee Grinders

Coffee Grinders

Looking to get the most out of your morning cup of joe? One of the most important things you can do is to ensure you have the right grind for your coffee. The grind size of your beans directly affects the amount of time it takes for your brewed coffee.  This effects the flavor of coffee from the grounds. Too fine of a grind and the resulting cup of coffee can be overly bitter; too coarse of a grind and you may be drinking weak and flavorless coffee. Luckily, there are many great coffee grind methods for grinding your beans that can help you get the perfect grind size. We will show you the two top rated coffee grinders, according to Amazon.

Antique coffee grinder with whole bean coffee ready to grind.

Electric Grinder

For those looking for an affordable and easy-to-use solution, an electric Burr grinder is a great option. Burr grinders use two precise metal plates to slowly grind the beans into a consistent size, allowing you to adjust your grind size to suit your tastes. A medium-coarse grind size is most appropriate for drip coffee makers, giving you a balanced cup of coffee. For those who use more sensitive brewing methods like espresso or French press, you'll want to grind a bit finer to get therobust flavor extraction you'd expect.

Remember, the finer the grind the longer the water sits before passing through the grinds. The more coarse, the quicker the water passes through. This determines how strong, smooth or bitter your coffee is.

Manual Grinder

If you're a more experienced coffee enthusiast, looking to maximize your coffee's potential, you may want to invest in a manual grinder. Manual coffee grinders allow you greater control.  You can precisely select the size of your grind and often produce incredibly consistent results. These grinders are typically better for those who don't need to grind huge batches of coffee, since the whole process is done by hand. This makes it ideal for your outdoor adventures! Small, compact and easy to take along with you.

Freshest Coffee Brewing

It's important to remember that grinding your coffee immediately before brewing. This is essential for getting the best flavor out of it. The longer ground coffee sits exposed to air, the more flavor it will lose. Looking to get the best cup of coffee out of your grounds? Don't forget to grind your beans fresh for every cup! 


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