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About Us at Monster Buck Coffee

 Monster Buck Coffee Family

We are John and Stephanie Mullen, not born, but definitely raised in Wyoming, where winters can be harsh, summers are short and occasionally we see spring and fall. We are the creators of Monster Buck Coffee.

About the Owners of Monster Buck Coffee

  • Our Christian faith is a blessing and we are so grateful for our Lord and Savior’s grace.
  • I can go over a monthly coffee budget in half the time, especially during the cold winter season. I
  • am a retired portrait photographer, but I love to take photos of whatever’s on my heart.
  • We both love the outdoors with camping, hunting, fishing, hiking and, of course, nature photography.

John, and I have been married for over 30 years and we have raised and homeschooled two amazing young men. They are married to amazing ladies, who have stolen my heart. We are so grateful to have them as part of our family.

We are currently empty nesters and enjoying grandparent life with a sweet baby girl and a handsome baby boy. We couldn’t be more happy about our growing family. 

We are so excited about this new coffee life and to share our passion with all of you. I’ve been in love with coffee for as long as I can remember and always loved the idea of bringing people together over a hot cup of freshly-brewed coffee.
When I’m not brewing coffee, I’m researching coffee trends and testing new flavors. I’m always looking to elevate coffee experiences and create something special for all coffee lovers out there.
For me, coffee is more than just an indulgence, it’s a way for people to gather and socialize, to bond and enjoy a moment of comfort. Coffee has the power to uplift and energize and I'm grateful my coffee can do that for the people I care about most. Whenever I see someone take a sip of my coffee and smile, it reinforces why I do what I do and my commitment to making the best coffee experience possible. 
Hope you enjoy the About Us at Monster Buck Coffee section of our website. Please reach out to us for any questions.
Why Coffee

Why Coffee

Discover Why We're Buzzing About Beans!

Our passion for coffee extends far beyond the simple act of brewing and serving. For us, coffee represents something much deeper — it embodies a sense of adventure, comfort, and the remarkable power to bring communities together.

Coffee, to us, signifies a journey that begins with that first sip. It ignites our senses, awakening a world of flavors and aromas that transport us to different corners of the world. From the rugged mountains to the verdant plantations of Colombia, each cup of coffee carries with it a story, rich with heritage, tradition, and the dedication of countless hands that cultivate its exquisite taste.

But coffee is more than just a beverage; it forms the foundation of meaningful moments that touch our hearts. It's that warm mug cradled in your hands on a chilly winter morning, providing solace and a gentle embrace of comfort. It's the aromatic aroma that fills the air, drawing old friends and new acquaintances together in conversation, laughter, and the joy of shared experiences.

In our little corner of the world, we believe in the power of coffee to nurture communities — to bridge the gap between strangers, fostering connections that might have otherwise remained dormant.

We strive to curate a selection of coffees that not only tantalizes your taste buds but also kindles the spirit of exploration within you. Through our commitment to sourcing the finest beans, brewed with meticulous care, we hope to bring you a taste of the world and inspire your own adventures, whether they take you to exotic destinations or simply lead you to discover the extraordinary in the ordinary.

But above all, we sell coffee because we believe in the magic that happens when a cup of joe is shared. It brings together people from all walks of life, transcending differences and forging bonds. It allows us to slow down for a moment, to savor the present, and to appreciate the beauty of human connection.

So, dear customers, thank you for allowing us to be part of your coffee journey. Together, let's celebrate the spirit of adventure, the comfort of a warm cup, and the sense of community that coffee can create. We look forward to sharing many more moments, stories, and cups of this remarkable elixir with you.

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