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Exploring the Great Outdoors: Coffee Edition. Which coffee is best for you adventure?

Exploring the Great Outdoors: Coffee Edition

When it comes to exploring the great outdoors, there's nothing quite like the combination of adventure and a good cup of coffee. Waking up to the crisp morning air, surrounded by breathtaking natural landscapes, and indulging in a steaming cup of coffee, sets the stage for an enchanting journey into the beauty of the great outdoors. So let's explore the great outdoors with coffee.

A campfire mug sitting on a rock with a campfire roaring behind it. The cup is filled with Monster Buck Coffee and the says Adventure Awaits on the front of it. Camping coffee just hits differently when on an outdoor adventure.

The Great Outdoors with Coffee

Let’s take you on a journey through some incredible outdoor adventure destinations and pair each with our best-selling coffee blends. We are including a special bonus for the holiday season, however it is only available once a year. Get ready to explore the great outdoors and personal coffee adventure. We hope it  will leave you craving a fresh cup of coffee wherever your travels take you.


Buck Fever Blend – Conquer Nature's Majestic Peaks:

For those seeking the adrenaline rush of conquering majestic peaks, the Buck Fever Blend is your ideal companion. As you hike through rugged terrain, let the bold flavors, and extra caffeine, of this blend invigorate your senses. This roast has a smoot rich flavor and intense aroma. Each sip fuels you with the determination and strength needed to reach the summit, reminding you of the small victories that add up to an incredible journey. A perfect start to exploring the great outdoors: coffee edition. 

Deer Spotter 3000 – Discover Hidden Wilderness:

Enter the realm of hidden wilderness and discover the marvels nature has to offer. Whether your adventure takes you through dense forests, silent meadows, or along winding rivers. The Deer Spotter 3000 blend is the perfect partner for any journey. Its medium-dark-bodied goodness, featuring hints of cocoa, caramel and vanilla, keeps you grounded and in tune with your surroundings. Allow the flavors to transport you to serene landscapes as you keep your eyes peeled for elusive wildlife.

Jackalope Java – Embrace the Thrill of the Wild:

For those who seek the thrill to venture into untamed territories, Jackalope Java is your soulful companion. As you paddle down white-water rapids, scale rock faces, or navigate winding trails, this blend is for you. Explore the caramel, and toasted almond that keeps your adventurous spirit alive. With each sip, you tap into fueling your passion for exploring the great outdoors: coffee edition, of course.


A Jackalope overlooking a river sunset for a coffee blend cover for k-cups.

Mountain Pass Blend - Embark on a Thrilling Journey:

As you sip our Mountain Pass Blend coffee, because it is the true companion for the adventurous at heart. This blend mirrors the exhilarating experience of taking on winding mountain roads, where each curve unveils breathtaking vistas and hidden surprises. With every sip, envision yourself cruising through majestic peaks and lush valleys, the crisp mountain air invigorating your senses. Let the robust yet smooth flavors of our Mountain Pass Blend fuel your wanderlust and inspire you to seek new heights with each sip.

Bonus Coffee Edition

Bonus: 307 Holiday Roast – Festive Magic in a Cup:
As the holiday season approaches, we bring you a bonus coffee that captures the enchantment of this special time. The 307 Holiday Roast delights your senses with a harmonious blend of seasonal spices, cozy notes of vanilla, and hints of roasted chestnut. Imagine sipping this festive masterpiece amidst a winter wonderland or gathering around a crackling campfire, letting the flavors warm your soul and infuse your outdoor adventures with holiday magic. This is a limited edition coffee and is only around once a year. Available in November and December each year, as a result stock up when it is available.

Embark on Outdoor Adventures

Embarking on outdoor adventures is an experience that nourishes both the body and soul. As you step into nature's embrace, allow our exceptional coffee blends to elevate your journey, one cup at a time. Whether you're conquering peaks, discovering hidden wonders, embracing the thrill of the wild, or diving into aquatic realms, let our bestselling blends – Buck Fever Blend, Deer Spotter 3000, Jackalope Java, and Sweetwater Blend – be your loyal companions on your coffee-infused adventure. And don't forget to add a touch of festive spirit this season with our 307 Holiday Roast. Fuel your wanderlust, invigorate your senses, and make every moment in the great outdoors a personal and inspiring coffee adventure.


Exploring the Great Outdoors: Coffee Edition. Enjoy Monster Buck Coffee while hunting, camping, hiking or any outdoor adventure. Blog post pin with a lady sipping coffee by the river. The river has the morning steam rising off of it and the lady is dressed in warm outdoor gear. The sun is shining from behind her and a hill is on the other side of the river.