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Comparing Specialty Coffee to Store Bought

Comparing Specialty Coffee to Store Bought

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages around the world, but not all coffee is created equal. When comparing specialty coffee to store bought, there is more than just a taste difference.

Specialty coffee refers to a grade of coffee that has been carefully harvested, roasted and brewed. To be considered specialty grade, the beans must have a certain flavor profile, acidity and mouthfeel. Specialty coffee beans are often grown and harvested in remote regions of the world and use a unique processing method to achieve maximum flavor.

Store bought coffee, on the other hand, is often significantly cheaper and typically not of the same quality as specialty coffee. Store bought coffee beans are often mass produced and of a lower grade, resulting in taste and quality that is substantially different than specialty coffee. Additionally, store bought coffee is often blended with other beans in an effort to create a more consistent flavor.

When it comes to flavor and quality, specialty coffee is in a league of its own. The taste and aroma of specialty coffee is not only richer than store bought, but it has character and complexity that can only be achieved through specialty coffee. Connoisseurs of coffee often agree that the taste of specialty coffee tends to be smoother and more layered, making it a favorite of coffee aficionados.

At the end of the day, both specialty coffee and store bought have a place in the marketplace. For those looking for an unadulterated, unique and full-bodied coffee experience, it’s best to go with specialty coffee. But for a more affordable, consistent and lighter-tasting option, store bought coffee will do the trick.
Specialty Coffee verses Store Bought Coffee