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Costa Rica Single Origin

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Embark on a thrilling coffee escapade with our Costa Rica Single Origin beans. This is an elixir for adventure seekers and coffee connoisseurs alike. Can you picture a steaming cup of liquid gold, brewed from beans that hold the essence of Costa Rica's misty mountains?  These beans are no ordinary lot; most importantly they're the alchemists of flavor.

  • brown spice
  • brown sugar
  • sweet apple
  • raisin
  • honey 

As the morning sun peeks over the horizon, as a result awakening your senses with this medium/light roast. This coffee promises a tantalizing journey for your taste buds. Sourced from high altitudes of 1,400-1,900 meters, therefore these beans are the product of meticulous care and dedication to perfection.

Because they are planted in the fertile soils to the sun-drenched days of drying, balancing against the beans embody the spirit of Costa Rica's rich coffee heritage.

Join the Monster Buck Coffee tribe and unleash your inner adventurer with each sip. Our brand thrives on outdoor escapades, from camping under the star-strewn skies to hunting for the perfect brew.

Fuel your passion for mule deer conservation with every purchase. Knowing that each cup supports our mission to preserve the wild beauty of nature. So grab your mug, fuel your spirit, and let the Costa Rica Single Origin beans take you on a wild ri de. Travel through the untamed realms of flavor and excitement.