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How to Keep Coffee Fresh

How to Keep Coffee Fresh

In the quest to enjoy the best cup of coffee possible, having a reliable storage method is key. While there is no one definitive answer as to the best way to store coffee, here are some handy tips to help you keep your beans or grounds fresh for as long as possible. 

First, keep your coffee in an airtight container. Choose something non-transparent such as glass or ceramic for your storage container, as sunlight can make your beans go stale faster. Be sure to keep the lid tightly sealed when not in use. If you are looking for extra protection against oxygen, nitrogen and moisture, consider buying a container specifically designed for storing coffee, as these often come with airtight valves. 

Second, keep the temperature cool. Heat can cause your beans to drop their unique flavors, so make sure to store your beans away from any heat sources such as the stove or toaster. A cool, dry pantry is typically the best place for them. 

Finally, purchase your beans in bulk. You can get a great deal by buying in bulk, and it will ensure that you are never without fresh coffee. You can then store the excess beans in the freezer for when you need them. Just be conscious of how long you leave them in there, as freeze temperatures can also cause them to lose their flavors. 

By following these simple tips, you can keep your beans or grounds in the best possible condition. Enjoy your coffee knowing you have done your best to store it correctly!


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