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How to Host a Coffee Cupping (Tasting)

How to Host a Coffee Cupping (Tasting)

Hosting a coffee cupping is a perfect way to enjoy a range of coffee flavors, learn about specialty coffees, and engage with fellow coffee enthusiasts. This event is ideal for coffee lovers who are interested in learning about new coffee varieties, brewing methods, and tasting techniques. We believe coffee is a great way to bring friends, family and communities together. So here are a few tips to help you with a coffee cupping event.


1. Select your coffee beans

Firstly, it is necessary to source a variety of coffee beans. You might consider getting beans from different regions or countries to allow your guests to sample and compare various flavors. You can contact local specialty coffee shops or roasters to provide you with some of their favorite beans or get the beans directly from different coffee plantations.

2. Prepare your coffee equipment

When the coffee beans have been selected, you will need to prepare the necessary equipment. You require coffee cupping bowls, coffee scales, a hot water dispenser, and a kettle. If you do not have these supplies, you can rent them, borrow from friends and or buy them from a coffee equipment supplier.

3. Set the Date

It is essential to schedule the date for your coffee cupping event that permits your guest to attend. You should choose a date and a venue that is relaxed and comfortable for your guests.

4. Invite your guests

Send invites to your guests, which include the date, location, and start time. You should consider guests who love coffee and are knowledgeable about different brewing methods and flavors.

5. Plan your event

On the day of the event, set up your cupping station with equipment and coffee beans. You can offer light snacks and refreshments alongside the coffee. You should also have some note cards and pencils for your guests to take notes about each coffee variety they taste.

6. Get the Hallmark coffee sample sheet

The hallmark coffee sample sheet is a scale made up of a single page frequently used in coffee cupping to record sensory evaluations. It is made up of descriptions of common coffee attributes such as acidity, aroma, body, and flavor. You can download and print a copy online.

7. Conduct the cupping event

As soon as your guests arrive, introduce them to the different varieties of coffee on offer. Next, discuss the brewing and cupping process and demonstrate how to smell and taste the coffee. Finally, encourage your guests to take notes of the coffee flavors and aromas, using the hallmark coffee sample sheet, making comparisons and rating each coffee according to its attributes.
Hosting a coffee cupping event is a fantastic way of sharing knowledge, experiencing various coffee tastes, and engaging with coffee enthusiasts. Follow these steps, and you will surely have a successful coffee cupping event that your guests will love.
How to Host a Coffee Cupping